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Jason Bond Picks is everything that is wrong with the mainstream financial investing space at present. He is a fraud, a con artist and coaxes people into giving him money for his strategies on investing in stock markets and earning great wealth as he claims. Jason Bond Picks flashes his vacations to exotic locations, his private jets and supercars. He also claims that he has some proprietary tactics and strategies that can help anyone get on top of even Wall Streetís money mavens and win in the end. Jason Bond Picks is based on the penny stock market and he believes that luck is nothing and only the proper skills are what matter. It is statements like these that have already managed to fool several people into parting with their hard earned money in his name.

Jason Bond Picks is the stock trading advisory company or entity set up Jason Bond who is the CEO and founder here. He has claimed to have earned millions of dollars post leaving his teacherís job in the year 2011. He now claims to offer services which will deploy a strategy for small cap swing trades to earn considerable profits and incomes for members. The website claims to be the TrustPilot top-rated service for stock trading and also claims to have successfully trained more than 10,000 people. There is a team of trading experts including Nathan Bear and Jeff Bishop among others. Bond has claimed that he can easily teach you how to master stock market trading while eventually enjoying the same millionaire life that he already has. He has been interviewed as he claims and featured in prestigious journals. $5 million is estimated to be his own net worth (we all know where that comes from).

He offers videos and other merchandise via a gift store (how ingenious a way to make money) and also has the Jason Bond Stock Picks advisory and Jason Bond Picks millionaire roadmap on offer. The former basically works on the basis of subscriptions where Bond talks about the best performing small cap stocks on a particular day in the market. This is billed at $399 for every quarter and covers trading alerts for both swing trading and also the long haul. Post enrolment, members get the copy of the DVD named How to Trade Like a Pro, Not a Hobby which is reportedly valued at $1,499. The subscription entails 10 alerts every week through email and text, sell and buy alerts, watch lists on a daily basis and access to the educational suite along with long-term trading strategies.

Once Jason Bond spots any stock that can be a winner, he issues an alert to all members telling them about the one to purchase, the targeted price and the duration for which to hold onto the position. Then, a sell alert is dispatched, asking people to exit and the selling price. When it comes to his legitimacy, nobody will recommend Jason Bond. He is not transparent enough when it comes to revealing information. The biggest red flag here is that Bondís service does not come with any trial period which is free and there is a policy of strictly not giving any refunds. This means that the guy is only interested in getting people to sign up and taking their hard earned money which explains the no-refunds position that heís held onto until now.

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By Sam Lala