Janice Steiner Wichita, Kansas Kansas


Janice Steiner met my husband at the south lot for the school buses. She was the bus monitor for him. To think these kind of people are driving the kids around. || It started with she didn’t have a car so needed a ride from and to work. Which I later found that the lazy bitch only lived about two blocks and was very capable was getting to and from work. They of course talked about their families. For a while all I heard was Janice this and Janice that till I was getting sick of hearing about her and stupid family. So she knew full well he was married but didn’t care. He of course wants to come off as a great lovable good guy to others. So he starts the hugging hello thing he does. I have told him he can’t be so nicey nice to some women they take it the wrong way. He insists he isn’t doing anything to encourage them of course. She is so damned ugly though and hasn’t had a man be nice to her in years so as soon as he started in she became like Velcro to his ass. Then she started to leave things in the truck. I told him to stop driving her everywhere she was nothing but a user and a leech. Instead he helps her to hide things in the truck and continues driving her everywhere. It made sure she got to doctors, shopping, haircuts etc. Anywhere she wanted to go. We were on a tight budget at the time and I told him he can’t afford all the extra gas. He just said it wasn’t much and continued. When asked about-her and the subject came up he would always say she is just a friend and talk like when they went shopping her husband came along. Oh yeah did I tell you she is married? She is. As a matter of fact I found that they told everyone that their spouses were invalids. And her husband was never taken with them. || They flaunted their affair in front of the work place and made sure everyone knew about it. She bragged about what they did. Like the”backdoor”. Apparently that is the only talent she has. She made it to easy and convenient so he didn’t turn it down. She provided the place to get screwed and he just needed to provide the transportation. She hide a storage unit key in the truck so he would have it cause they had that to go to and when her husband was in hospital they would be at her home about two blocks from work. He told me that he couldn’t come home because he had mid runs. He didn’t have those. So he had from 9:30am off and didn’t have to be back until 1:30pm when the buses pulled out again to get the kids. || Of course she had to do the”backdoor” cause that is her best side she is so freaking ugly. Not just on the outside but in the inside too. Notice her teeth in the one picture EWWWWWWW! He was seen making out with that. OMG. I also know now the problem I had to go to the doctor for was most likely caused by him doing her”backdoor”. He also sat right there and didn’t mention a thing while we were at the doctor and he should of so I could be checked for things that can be passed on like the bacterial infections you can pass on from her”backdoor”. As soon as I found all of was going on I went and was checked right away to be sure. He was insulted of course, kept saying he was clean. With that nasty thing I was going to be sure. || He would also sneak out early on Saturday morning to be with her. Saying to shop at Wal-Mart the first time he wasn’t home till 8 hours later and when I asked why it was so long he said oh they stopped by the storage place for her to pay the bill. Yeah that is where they were getting it on at. On average the Saturday morning trip were 6 1/2 hours long. Wal-Mart doesn’t take that long. Also people told me they saw them there and she would laugh about how he snuck out and I didn’t know he was gone. Really, I wouldn’t notice he wasn’t in bed when I had to go the the bathroom. I could tell the pile of pillows was not my husband. Also when in the kitchen a large truck wasn’t in the yard outside the window wouldn’t be noticeable? Get real stupid. This is the day of technology all I had to do is go on line and he paid everything with his bank card so I knew what time he was where. He always picked her up by 9am. || This is the same man that told me so he doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. Well you couldn’t tell because she was telling everyone they were so in love and everyone thought that he acted like he was all in love with her too. || We went to Los Angeles to see my son. Come to find he was out talking to her and on the train I was just to sit and watch him breathe while he would go upstairs and talk to her. Also when he was with his family he shopped for souvenirs he wanted a necklace and wore it while we were there like that is what he wanted come to find out he gave it to her. It was a cheap necklace but the idea of him doing that being with his family, OMG! Right under our noses. || When things came down June 13th. Three weeks after school was out. He was getting her on Tuesdays by 9am. They came up with the bright idea that they wanted to work at another bus company so they both put in for it. She figured that he would go all the way from east side of town to the west side to get her to and from work each day instead of staying where she was and could walk 2 blocks and not have to depend on anyone. Now who sounds the invalid? Of course he would do it too, and pay for it. She never contributed anything.(except spreading her butt) Anyway he looked at me right in the eye and said”No he never slept with her” When asked what their relationship was”just a friend”. He denied ever going to bed with her until the next day in the mailbox she had dropped me their dirty vibrator. I asked why would she send that if they didn’t do anything. He didn’t know why she did it. To think he was going to bed with that in her butt and then went to bed with his wife made me so sick. It is so disgusting. Especially him kissing that mouth and kissing me. I feel sick thinking about it. She sent that dirty vibrator knowing that she was going to burn his ass and she did. We were going to try and work it out and after that I couldn’t do it. Also he knew that this would be his 3rd strike and the marriage would be over as soon as he stuck his dingy in her ass. || I sent the vibrator and the psycho note she wrote that said that -The vibrator was a mistake and that it was just a sample and all the women in the neighborhood got one. What the hell is that about? I really don’t think companies are sending dirty vibrators out in reused yellow envelopes written in marker by hand. This is the kind of stuff she comes up with. Anyway I sent it back with a letter addressed to her husband knowing that she would intercept it. Sure enough my husband didn’t like the part I put in it about him and came home with an attitude and made a comment that told me she read it to him. He sat down on the computer and joined up on a few of the dating sites and started doing that in front of me. Having an affair for 2 years wasn’t enough they came up with that idea to rub it in more. Well I got news for her it backfired, because he now has a girl he goes out steady with and she is still in the same position as she was all along. There are others too that he’s made friends with. But Deb is his one he is pretty steady with. She doesn’t know about his married mistress or anything. He still has the mistress too when it is convenient. A couple of weekends her husband called around for her. They get mad because he called around for her, not because she should be at home with her husband and he has the right to look for her. It’s them getting upset to be bother by of all things, her husband. Also what kind of nasty people can sit and be with the husband like you are his friend and his wife act like all is fine in front of him? || That is damn low. || LOL, Thing just haven’t turned out like she planned. I guess she thought I was just going to disappear under a bridge somewhere after 30 years of marriage. We still have to have communication between us because there are things that we have to handle and she doesn’t like that. Oh well. He can tell her the same thing he did me”just get over it”. After she sent the vibrator I got a lawyer and had everything done legal. She is still being a whoring slut and a cheat on her husband. That is her station in life. She will never get herself out of the sewer she lowered herself into. Also”Ahole” you were and never will be his one and only like you thought you would be.” || Got news for her too. I am doing fine down here in Austin. I took my husband’s advice of”just get over it.” He and I have settled —but she was just as guilty. Why should she sit thinking she got one over on me and she is so great And she got away with it all? In reality I got the better deal. Let them stay in”LALA LAND.” || >

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