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I just want to clear John and Terrys name because I want reviewers to know the truth behind the slander. I know John and Terry are too old school to log on to the internet and defend themselves against the negative false claim so I’m going to do it for them. Unlike the “annonomous” liar my name is Dan and I give my word my review is true. John is very knowledgable about horses and has a deep passion for what he does. He takes good care and would never abuse an animal. He loves German Shepards as well. Terry literally wouldn’t hurt a fly. On one occasion I witnessed her catch a spider in their house and release it outside. My girl friend keeps her horse there and loves and respects John and Terry. Her horse is happy and never abused. I am positive the person lieing about poor old John and Terry is just making a cowardly attempt to hurt thier business because the liars are actually ex-boarders who are not welcome to the ranch anymore because they were trouble m

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J&A Ranch Review

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By Sam Lala