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Complaint: Our lease had expired on 5/31/2017 and we had gone month to month beginning 6/1/2017. We notified the property management company, Invitation Homes (IH) that we would vacate the property on 7/14/2017. As of 7/3/2017, we paid funds into the Court Registry to cover rent and fees through 7/14/2017. We vacated the rental property on 7/14/2017. Within 15 days after vacating, IH sent us a breakdown of the amount being claimed against the security deposit. We contested in writing, the breakdown and amount being claimed within the time required by Florida statutes. As of 9/25/2017, it has been 72 days since we vacated the property. We have not received any funds from the security deposit. We have repeatedly contacted IH and requested the security deposit be sent to us. IH claims they canu2019t send us the funds because they are waiting for the Court Registry to release the funds that were deposited. These funds have nothing to do with our security deposit as they correspond to rent and fees due from 6/1 through 7/14/2017. By not receiving our security deposit within the time required by Florida law, we have lost the interest these funds would have accumulated had we been able to deposit the funds into an interest-bearing account. This is an ongoing practice on the part of IH as we have discovered through numerous complaints that have been filed with the Better Business Bureau as well as complaints filed on Yelp. Besides filing this complaint with the Better Business Bureau, we intend to file an additional complaint with the Florida Attorney Generalu2019s office.

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Address: 8050 SW !0th #1000, Plantation , Florida USA


Phone: 954-745-2500

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