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I am writing these words to express my full dissatisfaction with the handling of my case. In May 19 2014 I purchased an Invicta watch (model 14981 in rose tone). I ordered Rush delivery to take it on my impending vacation. To my dismay the silicone bracelet came broken from the factory. I called the customer service number and was told to register it in the Invicta warranty website and send it in to have it repaired at no cost since it was a manufacturer’s defect. I did so no later that June 2014. I waited a month to no avail. I was informed by customer service that there was a delayed for not sending the 28.00 dollars charge to have it shipped back. At this point the customer service informed me that I should NOT have sent any money because it was not my fault to have received a defective product and I had already spent money to have shipped to the Invicta repair department. I am writing this message almost 4 months after sending it and almost 5 months after buying it withou

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Invicta Watch Group Review

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By Sam Lala