I lost my job!!!


Being a car organizer for a show run by a reputed company, they gave me the task to get a few BMWs. It was a big opportunity for me to climb the corporate ladder. I didn’t know it could leave a bad impression on me after dealing with the Fields BMW Winter Park. I made an appointment with this company a week before the show. I talked about the cars I will need and wanted them to provide some of their new cars for a few days. They seemed okay with it and I was very new to this so I paid them the full money in advance. After fixing everything and making it sure with the firm of right-time delivery of the cars, I went away with satisfaction.

All of it turned into a nightmare after the delivery was not on time. We made several calls a day before the show. They were unresponsive and my nightmare turned into reality because the Fields BMW Winter Park could not deliver the car on the said date. I was getting worried as the show was about to start and they didn’t pick up the call. The manager of the show was stressing out as well. I was about to lose my job of trusting the firm. The delivery of the car was not made until the show began and the wheeled platform was left empty.

The show was over and I had no reports from the Fields BMW Winter Park. My boss just fired me after this incident. He believed I was not capable of doing my work and everybody knows that “the first impression is the last impression”. I lost my job because of these assholes. I couldn’t wait anymore so I went to the showroom to get my money back and get a good reason from them. I went in there and the manager was busy gossiping with his secretary. This made me angry, and I scolded him for failing in his responsibilities and how I lost my job because of it. I couldn’t get more pissed off than this. I told the manager to refund the full payment.

He became hesitant about the money and told me that they would refund the money by the end of this week. He said it was a huge sum and I would have to wait for a while until they withdraw the whole amount in a few days. It was more than a month before I finally got my money back. I had to remind them almost every other day about it. This was the first and the last time I would do business with the Fields BMW Winter Park. They are the worst car dealers in the world!


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