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Let me first start off by saying that i went on ebay and found this guy “selling” a business oppertunity were he gives me a list of properties to sell and then i pay him his asking price and i can keep all the extra profit for myself. it was really sketchy so to test it out i went online and looked up some names and i found the name of a dead pastor in my area named Stephen Piga. i then installed an app on my phone called text now and got a fake number. i made a fake email and everything. just because if this guy was a scam artist which he turned out to be, i wanted no part in it. So then he emails me like 3 lists of properties, way to much to list on ebay and craigslist where he infact instructed me to do. So i had to pay someone to make a website for me and what better then to make it piga properties because the guys identity i used last name was piga. SO to make a long story short i soon found out this man was a con artist and theres bunch of them in on it and so i st

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Homes Dirt Cheap

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By Sam Lala