homeland security


They use the same phone no 1 843 6274 462 as Homeland security, Canada and USA patrol Team ChiefEmail address as [email protected]also as Accesswayexpress.com for delivery of atm and cashcoming from Bank of England or as ABC bank from UAE or Dubie other email address used [email protected] , [email protected]other phone no used 1 604 243 1876 name as Lorry Wood, Jerry Donaldmore phone no as +233 208 136 992 or +233 548 426 177 or +233 205 084 079this Lorry Wood said he fly all the way from Ghana, UK to Ottawa than Vancouver for delivery after deliver men failed to deliver,they said they are being caught by CIU, INTERPOL, He Lorry Wood work under Donald Trump (his right hand man) and Trump communicated with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to put Justin private Tag so they can deliver, then he said Justin Trudeau need me to pay 500$ tax before deliver. I had not pay up so he say he is still in Vancouver, BC ready to deliver after pay up, then he return to UK.

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