Hirankit Tantirapan


This independent contractor agreed to complete a software project at an agreed upon rate, by an agreed upon deadline set by the contractor, then collected every installment payment over the course of a year, but delivered no product and no refund. | The contractor was in constant contact at the beginning, but slowly stopped providing reports in person, then stopped reporting by phone, then stopped email reports. By the time we lost contact we were invested too far along that we continued to make every payment until the deadline when nothing was delivered. | After he failed to deliver the product, we opened an internal investigation to find out the contractor may have a history of similar schemes with other businesses in different states including Nevada and California. If you happen to contact this independent software developer, take extreme caution because he knows enough to pass an interview or answer questions you may ask to qualify him. | He acts very eager to engage and begin

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Hirankit Tantirapan

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By Sam Lala