Haynes Home Furnishings Of Virginia Beach, Va chesapeake Virginia Review


We purchased a sofa from Haynes Furniture, when we received it, the sofa was soaking wet. We called their customer service department to report it and they said it was from the scotch guarding and it should dry in a couple of hours. It took three days to dry and totally discolored it. nWe called them again and said we would like to exchange the damaged sofa for another one. They sent their own technician out, he agreed that the sofa was definitely discolored and that he would report it. Needless to say that’s not what he reported. This has been going on since Nov. 2002 and today May 30, 2003, they informed me that they would not be able to help us that quote “we got what we paid for””. nI don’t believe customers of a multi-million dollar company or any company

should be treated this way. After all if it weren’t for the customers they wouldn’t be in business at all. nI am not be giving up

and I will continue to contact them

and I will also go to the media if I have to. nCustomers deserve better than this. nDellanchesapeake


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