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In May 2019. I hired Gabriel to install a new face on a sign that I could not reach with my ladder. The ONLY reason for doing this is that I do not own bucket truck that reaches up high. | I hesitated quite a bit on ever using Gabe again due to him costing me lost money and time on other jobs, but I was forced to call him because the other two companies I normally use were both busy and my customer needed his sign up asap. Once again, he let me down for the third and last time. But this time, he flat out ripped me off!!!! | After calling him and agreeing to his price, we met at the job site to begin working. Shortly thereafter, I realized I needed to pick up more materials at the sign supply company to complete this job. I gave Gabriel $200 cash to go pick up the material we needed while I waited inside the store talking with the owner. | After one hour passed, I tried calling him to find out where he was since he should have been back by now. No answer. After two hours, several

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Greater Texas Sign Company

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By Sam Lala