GPAR Designs, LLC. Review


Greg Parsons and his partner, Chris Plumlee are fraudsters. Greg is the man in charge of bidding and taking the money while Chris handles hiring the subcontractors. I can’t believe this guy even has his son in on this ponzi scheme. What kind of pathetic individual brings his kids into a scam. I figured out they hire subs, get some work out of them, then don’t pay and when they walk off the job they hire more subs. It’s an ongoing cycle. I can’t believe how brazen these scumbags are. Well, unfortunately for them they screwed with the wrong person. I will be putting both of these numbskulls behind bars and I won’t stop either. Please contact me or the following Police Departments: Arlington, Ft. Worth, Dallas and Haltom City regarding ongoing investigations. I’m also getting the FBI involved, but collecting evidence. We can probably bring a class action lawsuit against these losers. How sad, the only way they can make a living is off of other people

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GPAR Designs, LLC. Review

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By Sam Lala