I ordered a wig from a site called, I thought it would be a good site until I ordered the item. I received a email stating what I ordered but never a confirmation number or tracking number. I than tried contacting the company with the email provided and took several emails before I could even get a response. I still have yet to receive my package and the tracking number I was just sent 3 weeks after I ordered the wig just does not seem valid. I been very patient with the company and get no response for days. When I ask for a refund they continue to send the same email with a tracking number. The tracking stops on the 6th of June. It is now June 18th and the tracking number is saying nothing after the 6th of June. I’ve tried several times to get my money back and they completely disregard my request and are not trying to help me. They can not even tell me my name or what it is that I ordered. All I want it my money back and they are giving me a hard time if I even get a response from the company.

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By Sam Lala