Gloria Klopfstein Edmonton Alberta


Complaint: Do not waste your time with this landlord she is nothing but a slumlord. at the beginning she will tell you that you and your animal are welcome, you sign the application and the day of moving in she tells you that animals are not welcomed on the property. i told her that if I knew that before I wouldn’t of moved into the place because I want a home that my cat is welcomed. She aloud my roommate to move out with less then 10days notice and took him off the lease with out me knowing and demanded the rent and outbof no where 300$ cat deposit plus 50$ a month for my cat on top of the rent. When telling her that I couldn’t afford the 300$ she threatened to call the humane society and get my cat taken away because the i wasn’t taking good care of my cat and the little box wasn’t cleaned up right after my cat did her business . place was condmned last year, there are mice in the walls birds in the crawlspace, and she will tell you if there is a man that comes to the door not to open it because she just got devorced and is dealing with a unpleasant ex husband. which I later found out was the city and health inspectors trying to see the place . and right before they come she will call you and tell you not to be at the place or stay away from windows so they don’t think you are avoiding them.! not aloud to have guest in the house at all she will threaten them, and force them to sign a appliction even tho they are not staying for long. She has a couple of times walked into my house because it is her house walked into my bedroom and when I asks her what she was doing here, she questioned me “why what are you hiding I left a 24 hour notice of entery “” and then drop the paper on the floor. She puts your down if you have nice furniture even tho you had it all before moving into the house and wants more money out of no where. And demands it by the end of the day. ( that’s when she threatened to poison my cat) she got one of her workers to live down stairs. he is smoking inside

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Address: and it’s ok for him to do it because he works for Gloria. i hope no one has to deal with her

Website: 9522 108a ave Edmonton , Alberta Canada

Phone: please be careful and safe yourself the stress

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