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I ordered replica rolex from global replica on december 20th. By mistake I ordered the man’s presidential watch. On realizing my error I called the company and a man said we will send out the right one by fed ex tonight so you’ll have it for christmas. nHe said to pay $329 by money order and to make it out to dan thomas (he said to be discreet). The next day the watch arrived. I paid the money order. The wrong watch was in the box. A large man’s watch. I immediately called the company and asked if they could please fed ex the right one to me. He said yes and I should send back the man’s watch with the return form. nNever received the ladies diamond bezel watch. When I called their number, the crude vulgar man told me to keep the man’s watch and pay $139 for the woman’s watch. I said no. I don’t want the large watch. I want what I asked for. He said no way could he pay to havethe right one fed exed to me it would be $40 and he couldn’t do it. nMy huband is an attorney with an office right near where they are supposedly located. I said he would come over with the man’s watch and get me the right one they cursed and hung up. Since then, I have been trying to get the right watch. He has cursed me saying what the f– do I want? Get off his phone and then since Dec.20th has proceeded to hang up on me when I identify myself. nThe latest scam is his telling meto send back the man’s watch and then he’ll send me the ladies watch. Is he crazy? If I send him back the one I have. I’ll have nothing. nThis firm , or the one person, I thought could help cannot be reached by phone. It’s full; by e-mail keeps getting sent back. I have contacted the better business bureau, the district attorney’s office and Consumer Frauds Bureau. nTHIS IS DESPICABLE. IT’S ILLEGAL TO SELL FAKE ROLEX WATCHES. IT’S NOT GREAT BUYING THEM BUT IT’S NOT ILLEGAL. SOMEONE SHOULD GET THESE PEOPLE. THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE A NEW yORK nUMBER. THEY HAVE a south jersey phone number. nEvenwantagh, New YorkU.S.A.

[email protected] New York, New York U.S.A.

609-247 1991

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By Sam Lala