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Doesn’t listen to customers. We got tired of his attitude
I had read a lot of great things about Glen Clemans so I was very happy when we hired him. My wife and I were very excited to work with him and we looked forward to this arrangement. However all of our expectations were shattered when we really met the guy.†
Glen is a self-obsessed narcissistic fool. He doesn’t know anything about client service or customer satisfaction. I don’t know how he is in this business because we just couldn’t tolerate his poisonous behaviour. 
A Little Information About Glen Clemans
I donít want you to confuse the Glen Iím talking about with someone else. Glen Clemans is a Founding Partner of CGC Financial Services and is a Financial Planner. He has more than 30 years of experience and I believe he is grown too old. Many publications have named him in their lists of the Top Financial Advisors. As I had

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Glen Clemans

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By Sam Lala