From You Flowers Mahopac New York Review


Several days before Valentine’s Day I ordered flowers from FromYouFlowers who happily took my money and the extra fee I paid for expedited delivery, which was for delivery by noon. Realizing that is a very busy day in that business, around 2: PM, I wrote an email (instead of calling) to Customer Service to get a status of my order. Several hours later I got a reply saying not to worry, my order would be delivered as expected. I didnt think about it again. I never heard back at all on Valentine’s Day. On 2/15/12, at 6 PM at night, I received an email with the note below: nDear Mr. X, nThank you foryour recent order. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate a florist able to complete the delivery yesterdayn02/14/12. With your permission, we would be happy to send the delivery 02/16/12 with a note of apology explaining thendelay or we would be happy to even call the recipient to personally apologize. Please accept our sincere apologiesnfor any inconvenience this may have caused. On 2/16, now two days after Valentines Day, I emailed around noon asking if, in fact, the delivery happeneda few hours later I got an email assuring me they would be delivered and that was it. So, at approx 7 PM I called Customer Service and finally got through. I got a sympathetic agent who tried to call the delivering florist while I waited on hold for 10 minutes, she finally came back, but had no information, she complained about how useless the woman at the flower shop was and said she would have the florist call me directly, but had to get approval from her manager, I was back on hold again, she came back and said she couldnt get approval, but she was working until 1:AM and would call my cellnphone and leave me a message with the status of my delivery. I never got a phone call. So here I sit, 3 days after Valentines Day and FromYouFLowers cant confirm that my order was ever delivered.

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