Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C. Review


I’ve been dealing with Hanna in Cobb county related to an old debt for years. All I asked for was a contact at the original creditors office in order to validate the debt. The debt originally held by Discover was listed as a charge-off on my credit report and I needed to confirm that it had not been sold. After doing a little homework, I discovered that many people had made payments to Hanna who claimed to represent the original creditor, but Hanna had never reported these payments to the OC. This means that the debt was still listed unpaid and that these people legally still owed the debt despite payment. When I confronted Hanna’s attorneys about this I was told that was rediculous and that if I didn’t pay them, they would sue me. So I didn’t, and they did. Long story short. (Two and a half years long) They sued me, I asked for proof that the OC had retained my debt after the charge off during discovery and when the trial arrived they had still refus

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Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C. Review

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By Sam Lala