Frankie’s Pizza Las Vegas, 8505 S Eastern Ave #103, Las Vegas, NV 89123 Las Vegas NV


Complaint: The worst experience in my life! I’ve order pizzas from Frankie’s over 12 times. 1/2 the time it’s excellent, the other half very dry and slightly black. We continue to go back hoping for an excellent pizza…. If it’s burned, the male owner makes a good one right way. No problem. Until last week… The night of Friday July 6th, I took the family from out of town to Frankie’s Pizza. HUGE mistake! Ordered a carry out pizza ($23 including tip) and told the cashier to cook it light. I don’t want it dry and black. Who does? She says, u201cok.u201d We get the pizza and it’s dry and black on the edge of the crust, see the pictures. I ask the cashier about cooking times to correct this problem and an older lady runs out asking what the problem is. I explain this pizza is going to be hard as a rock in an hour. Instead of making a new pizza the right way she tells me, “eat it now

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Address: don’t wait an hour.”” Ha! I told her I like to save a few pieces for the next day. OK

Website: and tells us three times while we are walking out

Phone: This lady knows the pizza is dry and burned

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