Follansbee West Virginia Review


I ordered deluxe (not the basic standard size) passionate purple tulips in a glass vase with 3 matching balloons for my sister in San Carlos, CA totaling $109.93. The flowers she received were sparse & small, 1/2 the size of the ones advertised. They were not purple. The flowers were in different stages of maturity, some buds, some blooming, not symmetrical at all. After I complained they told me that this was an acceptable substitute. Believe me, they looked like supermarket flowers, not something that cost over $100.00. I am not new to ordering flower online. I sent tulips recently to someone in Namp, ID. For $20 less, she received 2 dozen large beautiful tulips. I can not recommend this company & I told them so. Clearly false advertising or price gouging.

PO Box 4618 Mission Viejo, California United States

800-786-1178 and (888) 44

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