Federal Grant money


We were called by JohnCavton at 202-670-4677 ext 112…said I was receiving 9800 grant money and to go to Wal-Mart and then call him back…we did so aid so he had us purchase $250 worth of Steam gift cards..called him back and he wanted he numbers on the back and that he would get back to us in 3 to 5 minutes…and he did..he told me I needed to call the bank to get the western union tracking number..so I called 2025564530that we would be reimbursed the $250 we spent on the cards..his name was David..he wanted us to send $500. More dollars..I told him no that I wanted reimbursed for the $250.00. He told me he had to get in touch with the irs to see if they would refund the $250.00..for me to call back in 30 mins….that’s when we stopped

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