Fairfield Inn by Marriot Montgomery Illinois Review


If you are considering staying at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Boca Raton, FL, please trust me and find a different hotel. n1) Maid Service didn’t service our room.n2) The have very loud dehumidifiers installed in the rooms that over flow all over the room.n3) The rooms are musty smelling and they try to cover up the must smell with air freshener…so your room smells like musty air freshener.n4) The pool and spa surfaces are constructed poorly. The aggregate surface actually hurts to walk on, sit on, and injured my daughter who was innocently swimming in the pool. She just cut her knee but it happened because of the terribly rough surface on the stairs in the pool. The maintenance manager stated that they have received complaints before but that it would cost $5000 to resurface the pool and spa and the hotel is not willing to spend the money though they have received several complaints.n5) There are no bed comforters on the beds. There is just sheets, a very flimsy thin blanket, and then another sheet placed on top of that terrible blanket. Thus, you freeze at night.n6) The hotel staff are rude and aloof. They truly don’t seem to care about their customers. Never one apology. Just excuses, shrugs of shoulders, and fake smiles.n7) The pool deck is infested with ants so if you sit at the spa dangling your feet or on the side of the pool, you will be covered in ants. I then moved to sit on the pool furniture and the ants were all over the pool furniture as well. The hotel staff stated that they cannot do anything about the ants because it is an outdoor pool. LOL We spent 1 week at a resort in Orlando, all outdoor pools, and there was not a single issue with infestations. n8) A sports team over took the entire hotel and the hotel staff allowed them to take over the place. It truly felt as if I was in their way, especially when I wanted to use the sitting area in on the first floor and there wasn’t a place to sit that didn’t have a sports bag in the chair or the floor area in front of the chairs. The hotel staff need to accommodate everyone in the hotel since we all pay the same price. Large groups should not be allowed to take over the public areas of the hotel. It truly makes other guests feel they are intruding on a private event as well as causing other hotel guests to have not be able to use the same commons areas. nIf you want to stay at a hotel such as this where issue after issue exists and the staff don’t give a rip, then be their guest. You will regret it though. nWe sure did. If it hadn’t of been for family nearby, we would not have stayed the few nights that we did. It’s a pain in the butt to have to complain to get basic expectations met in a hotel and it’s a further pain in the butt to pack up your things and make new reservations at another hotel.

3400 Airport Road Boca Raton, Florida United States of America




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By Sam Lala