EZ Phone Cash Shamokin Pennsylvania


Complaint: My name is Richard Hall and I went online to look for a payday loan. I used the one that was sent through my e-mail and I asked him on the phone, after I filled out a page online with my phone number, if you are a real company with his company name. He gave me EZ Phone Cash and I gave him all my information after he said I approve for up to 1500 dollars.. I really am behind on my morgange and need money before my wife finds out and they foreclose my house. He asked for my Social Security number, mother’s maiden name, back info including router and account number, and date of birth. He said I am now connecting you with the head “guy”” so you can get to know what amount you will be getting

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Address: and then hung up… I am screwded now and affraid he is using my information… And all day he hasd been calling and hanging up on me


Phone: Please Help! Richard Hall”

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By Sam Lala