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Complaint: During the last 8 months of 2018, our Family suffered/endured the traumatic loss of/death of 7 family members due to cancer, Alzheimers disease, and a small plane crash. Needless to say, our family was overwhelmed with not only greif, but the immense expenses and time commitments required to address this many unexpected deaths in such a short time frame. During October through December (3 months) of this same death-filled 2018 year, during this much intense grief and chaos, paying the typical $38.00 monthly Water Bill was inadvertantly, unintentionally overlooked. Nothing more; just an oversight. Likewise, the woman whose family members had been killed / died this year made the mistake of letting her phone voice mail become full & unable to take further messages. It was NOT due to any deception or avoidance or intent whatsoever to not pay the small monthly bill. This happened in a nearly $One Million dollar custom home, in an affluent neighborhood, with an average household income exceeding over $200,000 dollars annually. Clearly, a $38 dollar or comparable Water Bill is not a financial burden….but again, simply an oversight. The total unpaid Water Utility Bill had reached just $81.00 dollars! Nonetheless, without any genuine regard for the child, or pets, or senior residents of the home…Epcor chose to completely shut off all Water to the home – and DOES NOT OFFER ANY FORM OF RECEIVING PAYMENT BY PHONE TO RE-CONNECT THE WATER. Simultaneously, on the same day the water to the home was shut off, the “Automated”” system which is supposed to allow Consumers to make their payments

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Website: according to Epcor Management (after 6 attempts by the home residents to pay Epcor by phone) was to require the residents to physically travel to some specific

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