Offering a social network as a money making opportunity has been tried many times in the business opportunity world. Two recent examples of this are iQLife and Ts?. Few have been successful in generating significant income for their members. One of the red flags to watch out for is when a social network wants to charge you a monthly fee to increase your potential to make money.  Here is what I have found.
Unbelievable Claims by empowr
The world’s first democratic social platform, where the profits and control of the company belong to you.
Our mission: To empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.
Say something. Every time someone reads it, you earn!
Post a photo. Each time it’s viewed, you earn!
Share a YouTube video. When it’s watched, you earn!
empowr is working to achieve its long-term goal for 97% of receipts that come into the empowr economy, from any source,

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By Sam Lala