EMBA Transportation, Inc. Review


I have been driving a truck for 33 years and I strongly suggest that you DO NOT work for this company. They will not pay you your back wages, reimburse you for your out of pocket cash expenses, or pay you your $1,000 dollar escrow, when you quit. You will never get the thousand dollars but make sure you get all your other money before you quit. Someone has to stand up to these people. I will do what ever I have to, to get my money. I worked hard for that money and for them to think that, they just don’t have to pay me because they want to keep the money in there pockets, is wrong. I have no doubt that no one has seriously challenge them before, they think there will be no consequences for their bad behavior. An individual has 2 years to file a claim for back wages. I see on this report that there are an additional 3 people, that they have done this too. If anyone would like to join forces with me please feel free to contact me at

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