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When I was looking for a job I had posted my resume on a few job search websites such as Career Builder. I got a call from Elle Communications saying they received my resume and would like an interview. Which was odd because I didn”t remember applying for the position. Anyways I went to the interview and there was 5 people waiting. They said they wanted me to come to Round 2 of interviews to show us more about the company. When I got there the next day all of us who were at the first interviews were also there so I didn”t see the point. This time there was a lot more of us and a different rep took each one of us to lunch to talk about the company. Basically they will hire anyone because noone actually wants to do it. They just gave us a bunch of BS before saying it a commission based door to door salesman. At first they said the hours are 10-8 but then stated they usually get there at 8. So you”re wanting me to work from 8-8 without getting paid?!? They said they would have to talk to the insurance company about benefits so basically they have no straight forward answers. Because they are an independent contractor they can do what they want with the money you make. They promise you will get promoted fast except I asked how many people get to the 3rd position and he said no one at the company is there yet. You start out in the 1st position doing the dirty door to door work. The 2nd position you are basically trying to find people to do the dirty work for you every week. Sounds fishy & like a pyramid scheme for business to me.

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