efaucets.com Larkspur California Review


False advertising. efaucets.com systematically promises that the products “usually ships within 24-48 hours”” however this is very misleading because they do not guarantee whatsoever that the product is in stock or that it ever will be. After 11 days I called regarding the order and the associate told me that their “”usually ships within 24-48 hours”” language provided no guarantee whatsoever that they actually have the product or that they can get it and that it was my responsibility to call to find out if they actually have it before buying. This is incorrect and it is an illegal practice. Here is the listing I responded to. www.efaucets.com/detail.asp?Product_Id=KIC-7050PN As you can see the company is clearly offering this product for sale

indicating that they have the product

and leading the consumer to believe that it will ship in something like 24-48 hours. Not 11 days. Only after I called 11 days later since there was no shipment yet

and threatening to report them did efaucets.com “”find”” some inventory for me – or so they claim. They now claim that they will send it soon. I am dubious. They have a 1-star review from 113 reviews on Yelp!!! www.yelp.com/biz/efaucets-racine-2 THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS.”

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