Ed Tate isnít Worth your Money

Ed Tate isnít Worth your Money

The number of self-proclaimed experts is on the rise. There are so many people who think they are experts in something that itís getting quite irritating. These people, who donít possess much knowledge of their subjects and claim to be experts, would be harmless if they kept to themselves. But their egos are so big that they think it would be better if they spread the word about their expertise. These people also think itís best for others to learn from them while the reality is it would be much beneficial for others if they stayed away from these fools. These self-proclaimed experts are very high in number. And because of their huge quantity, itís quite difficult for people to figure out whoís legit and who is not.

You might come across a speaker and think he is trustworthy when heís not. These fake experts are the plague of the industry and their quantity is constantly increasing. These people have no heart or soul. All they care about is their profits. They want to get rich and so, they deceive others into thinking they are reliable professionals. However, they lack any knowledge and steal money from their clients. They have many names. Some call them con artists others call them scammers. But they all are alike.

I had a painful experience with one such scammer. His name is Ed Tate. He claims to be an expert in public speaking but lacks any knowledge of the field. He thinks he can waste his clientsí money and they would do nothing. Well, Iím not the kind of person who stays silent after coming across a criminal. I would expose Ed Tate through this review. I want everyone to know the reality of this fraudster so no one else makes the same mistake I made. I would not want any honest business to lose money because of this guy.

Who is Ed Tate?

Ed Tate is a public speaker, who boasts of being the Toastmasters Champion in the year 2000. He runs the company called Ed Tate & Associates LLC. They are a professional development company and are supposed to help business in developing presentation and important skills such as leadership and management. They hold speaking events and DIY workshops for their clients.

Ed has also received the designation ĎCertified Speaking Professionalí also known as CSP. This title has been given only to the top 12% of the speaking industry. The Toastmasters International World Championship I mentioned consists of over 350,000 participants from over 141 countries.

Surely, Edís titles make him seem like a genius. Anyone can begin to think of him as an expert, heck, a veteran of the industry. After all, he has won a prestigious title, a respected certification, and possesses experience of over two decades. Maybe Ed was a great guy in the past, but nowadays, he is just a scammer who is looting money from companies. He has already stolen money from my company and another one in my area. He shouldnít be allowed to run a speaking company which doesnít provide any speaking service. I shared his credentials here so you can see how easily one can fall prey to this guy. After reading that he is a champion of something and has a lot of experience, itís very hard for one to doubt his skills. To top it all off, his company has an impressive portfolio as well. The companies they have served include the likes of Nestle, Dell, Veritas, General Motors, and many more. Their portfolio seems too good to be true however. And I doubt that they have really served those guys in the past. Thereís no way to verify this information too, which is another downer.

Ed Tate and His Social Media Presence

Ed Tate

Ed Tate knows that to find his victims, heíll have to go where they actually are. So, he uses multiple social media platforms for increasing his outreach. He wants to reach as many people as possible as this increases the chances of him getting more customers. I had found the guy through social media too and thatís why I hate it the most. Ed keeps a very active life on all social media platforms.

On Facebook, his business page, called Ed Tate and Associates (@EdtateCSP) has around 1,100 followers. For some people this number might seem pretty low. But when youíre a fraudster who only wants to steal money, itís quite an impressive feat. On his Facebook page, he shares updates on his information products and companyís work.

His twitter page has more followers, around 2,600. I guess he has focused more on Twitter because it yields him better results. Then comes his LinkedIn profile which has plenty of followers. The content he shares on these platform doesnít appear to be any valuable. So Iím quite certain that Ed has bought most of his followers so he can appear credible.

Having a high number of followers can help him in attracting new followers or customers. Social media profiles having plenty of followers are taken more seriously than those with few followers. So it makes sense for him to buy plenty of fake followers from shady service providers to make his profiles appear reliable. He doesnít remain active on most of his profiles. Apart from Twitter, you wonít see him active anywhere else, which indicates that his account has plenty of fake followers. Thatís because inactive accounts fail to maintain a high number of social media followers online. Unless youíre an A-list celebrity, you canít expect your social media profiles to keep a high number of followers. Itís fishy that Ed has multiple social media profiles, all of which are inactive and have a huge following.

Unfortunately, I didnít know anything about fake followers or online scammers like Ed. If I had any knowledge of people like him, I wouldnít have contacted him at all. He is a skilled scammer and he puts a lot of effort into deceiving people. He knows how to make people think that he is some sort of expert and industry leader. In addition, he has an impressive set of credentials, which can make anyone believe him. He has maintained an honest persona online so you wonít find anything negative about him too. Because of these reasons, I fell prey to this scammer. I hope reading my experience will help you realize what kind of dangerous scammer Ed Tate is.

How Ed Stole $20,000 from Me

I was looking for a leadership speaker for a corporate event of my company. I wanted someone experienced and reputed. It wasnít the first corporate event of such a large scale that my company arranged. My company also had plenty of experience with such events so I had a general idea of what kind of person I need for the job. Unfortunately, the speaker I had in mind wasnít available for the event so I had to look for someone else. If my default speaker had been available for the event, I wouldnít have needed to hire this scammer. I started looking for a public speaker online and after going through some options, I found out about Ed Tate. I had found him through Twitter, where he is quite active. I checked his website and at that time, I was surprised to see his credentials. The guy is a championship winner and a certified speaking professional, so I was truly impressed with him. I contacted his company to see how much he cost and if he was available for the event. To my surprise, he was available for the event but his price was very high in comparison to the guy I had contacted originally. The guy was charging me $20,000 for speaking on the event. I told them that Iíll get back to them after discussing it with my colleagues. When I discussed this issue with others, they told me that they can go a little over the budget if it means we can hire a quality speaker. So I contacted Edís team again and told them that Iíll pay the whole amount. They told me that I will have to pay the fee in advance, it was one of their compulsory conditions. I have been in this industry for some time and I know whatís odd and whatís not. This request seemed really fishy to me because I had never paid a keynote speaker a full advance before. Whenever I hired a speaker for my event, I paid him half the fee in advance and the rest of it later. I told those guys that Iíll pay half the fee after the event but they were adamant. They didnít want to negotiate so I agreed to this condition and paid them the advance. This is where everything turned into hell.

Those guys stopped responding to my calls or messages. It seemed like they had shut me off completely. I kept calling them, I kept sending them emails, but they didnít reply to any of them for days. Then, on the day of the event, they told me that Ed will be arriving to my city the next day. I was shocked to hear that. First, they behaved very unprofessionally and then they were telling me that Ed canít make it to the event on time. When I asked them why was it so, they blamed some technical error for this issue. I asked them if they could do something about it but they just said sorry.

My event was completely ruined. I told them that I donít need Ed after the event. Why would I need the guy AFTER the event??? What were they thinking? I asked them if they could refund my payment because I no longer needed Edís services. Those bastards told me that they donít issue refunds. THEY TOOK MY MONEY, DIDNíT GIVE THE SERVICES I HAD PAID FOR, AND THEN TOLD ME THAT THEY DONíT ISSUE REFUNDS.

I had a huge argument with them. The representative talking to me, kept mentioning their company policy as the reason behind it. Then he hung up the call. And just like before, they started ignoring me. They wouldnít reply to calls, emails or messages. My colleagues were blaming me initially but after finding out everything, they also started saying that it was unfortunate. Ed ruined my companyís event and stole $20,000 from me. His people behave very unprofessionally and Iím certain that if I will never contact those lunatics again. Iím done.

I later heard that Ed had taken a bigger payment from someone else and thatís why he didnít come to my event. I also heard that he ruined that event too because apparently, he was speaking garbage and the event holders didnít want to waste their time. He scammed those people too and refused to give them any compensation for ruining their event.

Donít Believe a Word He Says!

I donít think anyone deserves to get scammed. Scammers are the filth of the society who abuse the system and take advantage of other peopleís ignorance. If I had known his reality, not only would I have avoided him, I would have also alerted everyone else in my network too. I didnít know there were such kind of scammers present in the market, who take your money, and run away when it comes to deliver. Ed Tate is unprofessional, immoral, selfish, and depraved. Iím sharing my experience with you guys on this platform because I donít want to see anyone else facing the situation I faced. I know how humiliating it is when you realize that you have lost a hefty sum of money.

I only have one request. Try to share this article with as many people as possible so more and more people know who Ed Tate really is and why everyone should stay away from him.





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