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Purchased a vehicle January 21, 2019 and since i drove off of the lot woth the car it has been giving me problems. all the warning lights has been coming on. i took it to auto zone for testing. and they gave me a list of numerous problems that wrong with the vehicle. | The Transmission was the first problem. the car kept cutting off and going in different shifts everytime i drive it. i took it up there and they claim they fixed it. but when i drove off again shortly after that. the car still cuts off and shakes. | It recently cut completely off on me in the middle of traffic in the turning lane and wont cut back on at all. I got it towed and took it back to auto zone. they said the car needs a new battery. and that power train control Module , the alternator, starter,and circuit high voltage Bank 1 senson 2 is the problem. i went back to the car dealership they told me they cannot Help me.
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By Sam Lala