Dreams Complaint


Absolutely the worst retailer I have ever dealt with and moving in the lines of the illegal. I was mis-sold a very expensive Tempur “comfort” pillow at the Finchley Central store. This pillow not only did not shape to the shape of my neck and was uncomfortable but gave me very bad neck, arm and chest pain. This is a DANGEROUS product. In spite of taking it back to the store, calling, emailing customer service and reminding them of the consumer act on mis-seling they refused to refund my purchase. The only response was to try and make me buy more of their products (by offering small discounts) which presumably would have been of the same low quality and overpriced. The complaint has now been registered with Trading Standards who will be taking action if they receive more complaints. I would like to urge anyone who has had a bad experience with this retailer to get in touch with Trading Standards. Another thing to note, the same pillow was sold on their website as supposedly being discounted at the same price that I bought in store without a discount. This is a dishonest retailer selling low-quality and overpriced products. Stay well away and take heed what it means when a store is permanently empty of customers. I wish that I had done this…

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