Dr. Michael K. Obeng Review


I am shocked at how Michael K. Obeng blatantly sleeps with his patients! He is my friendís husband and I am really devastated to know what she has went through. She has actually written a lot of things on Instagram and also made her grievances public on a reality show. Dr. Obeng has ruined her life.
My friend has already testified on several public channels that she has found out about the doctorís mistress and all his dalliances, affairs with prostitutes and patients and also spending countless money on women. Dr. Obeng has spent literally thousands on this particular mistress over a year or so. My friend has filed for divorce finally and she has also been threatened by the new practice manager at the doctorís office. Heís reportedly offered to shift her back to Oklahoma with $4000 every month for all the children. Heís also called her a Gold-digger although heís had 7 known affairs and done a lot more to hurt her. In fact other people have commented on Dr. Michael K. Obe

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Dr. Michael K. Obeng Review

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By Sam Lala