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On 9-13-14 I was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident. I had to be life flighted to Presbyterian hospital in Pittsburgh and remained there for 6 days while I recovered from my injurys. At the time of the accident the response from local emergency personnel ws excellent and DPC towing was called to clean up and recover the wrecked motorcycle. After being released from the hospital, my wife contacted DPC towing in regards to motorcycle. The woman who answered the phone then claimed that there was a court ordered hold on the bike and that they were not permitted to release It. She also went on to say that we would be charged $25 a day until the bike was released and we were able to go and get it. After many phone calls we were finally able to contact the ohio state patrol officer who was in charge of the accident at the time of the crash. Much to our surprise he informed us that there was never a hold placed on the bike and even provided us with a copy of the crash report signed by a dpc tow truck driver which clearly stated that there was no hold on the bike. Armed with this new information I went to DPC towing and talked to the owner of the company. while trying to explain what I had just discovered he quickly and rudely interrupted me and became irate yelling and screaming and absolutely refused to reduce the price of the impound adding insult to injury. It is my belief that DPC towing knowingly and intentionally lied about the court ordered hold for there own financial gain thus making me a victim for the second time. I hope to have this issue resolved but cooperation from a business who takes advantage of accident victims is highly unlikely. .

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