Double Front Cafe, Lex Herndon missoula Montana


Complaint: I have a problem both with this restaurant and it’s owner, Lex Herndon. First, what is the definition of cheap and greedy=Lex Herndon. I worked as a police officer with Herndon for 15 years in Missoula. He was universally disliked and on two occasions i saw guys threaten to kick his ***. O’ did i mention he is a coward too? We went to the Double Front right before Christmas. It was a party of 8 as we had family in town. The place wasn’t very busy although it was dinner time. We don’t eat greasy fried food so hadn’t been there in some time. We ordered and waited almost 45 minutes for our meal and it was all messed up. We had a combination of chicken orders and some half meals, some dark only etc. It was a mess. The waitress was completely useless. We didn’t want to wait another 45 minutes so we made due. By this time we were all starving. The chicken is super greasy and so salty you couldn’t hardly eat it. Two of our family members sent the chicken back and ordered sandwiches which are not good. It was a disaster. We complained that the meal should be free and the cashier said the manager wouldn’t let them do that. So next day i call my good buddy Lex. I can’t stand the puke but was polite and told him what happened. He said he would talk to the employees and he never called me back. Good thing you inherited your daddy’s business ain’t it Lex?

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Address: 122 w alder Missoula, Montana United States



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By Sam Lala