Complaint: I called my local Dominos and inquired about the “two medium pizzas for only $ 5.99″” and was told that that offer was good Monday through Wednesday nights with free delivery. I then asked for two medium pepperoni and onion pizzas with extra cheese and was told by the phone representitive that the price would be the same. Then I asked for green peppers and mushrooms to be added to just the second pizza and was told that it would be just a little more. I also ordered three two liters of diet coke. They then beat around the bush and asked me if it would be cash or credit and I told them cash. They then told me it would be around 50 minutes for delivery and I said o.k.. When the driver showed up at my door I was shocked when he told me the bill was $ 25.00 and he gave me just one two liter of diet coke. I called the store and they said they charged me $ 1.50 for each additional topping which amounted to a whopping $ 9.00 extra. However

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Address: when I orderd the pizzas they told me there would be no extra charge for the extra cheese and the onions. I believe they did this because I called them the week prior on the same deal and added more toppings and they quoted me $ 55.00 which I thought was outrageous and I cancelled the order that time. So this time they were sneekey and told me there would not be an additional charge for the extra cheese and onions and were very careful not to give me the total over the phone. I guess they figured I was hungry and would pay the extra amount. They were right ! I was

Website: and I can get two large pizzas for just $ 20.00 instead of two mediums at Dominos for $ 22.00.”

Phone: and paid them and ate the pizza

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By Sam Lala