Dollar Empire


Dollarsempire is a big SCAM please stay away. They have deceived many innocent people into believing they will earn N24,000 — N25,000 daily thereby collecting money from fraudulently from these innocent people including myself. This whole fraudulent activity is led by one Mr David sending several emails to me and having his numerous partners in crime customer service staff call me with different numbers. Having spoke on phone with his customer service representative several times, I felt they were real or honest only to realize I fell victim of these scammers who made me find myself in more difficult situation. Immediately after I made payment the phone number of customer service representative female customer service staff called Victoria who has been calling me frequently phone immediately went bad and not going through again. That’s a first sign of how I realized its a SCAM. I contacted David several and he would always have someone call me. They are all faceless. Bo

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Dollar Empire

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By Sam Lala