Do NOT get your car serviced here.


I went to Route 44 Hyundai for service of my car. There was a need for oil change and one of the parts of car was not working properly so it was needed to be changed. The mechanics told to take the car by evening. Also, there would be a message as soon as the car is ready. Till 5 pm I got no message and the closing time for repair department is 6 pm. so I dialled them but no one answered. So, I went to the dealership as they had promised to give the car by evening.
I contacted the repairs manager who referred me to the mechanic who had to do the car repair. The mechanic told that he had done the engine oil change but the part which was needed to be changed was not available. It was expected to be changed by next week only. What a system of customer service is this? You are keeping a car for a week and you do not even feel the need to inform the owner about all this even once. I travelled so long just to hear this. Highly disappointed with this place and it was impossible to b

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Do NOT get your car serviced here.

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By Sam Lala