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Dixie HomeCrafters Atlanta, GA GutterGuard System. Company promised 20 year warranty. Gutters clogs and caused damages to eaves, roof and other parts of the home. They are no longer available in the State of Georgia. They fled to other states to rip off other consumers. Atlanta Georgia. They should have continued to honor the warranty regardless of what state they are in. Their sales team were highly aggressive to get sales in our area with the intent to leave the state and dishonor the warranty. I bought the system to keep from cleaning the gutters because my home is three levels and the roof pitch is steep. The water does not fall in the channel of the gutters like they claimed. The water goes on the outside of the gutters and not in the gutters causing wood damage and damages to the landscape and foundation. Not the best product. Now they wont honour their warranty or support. What a ripoff.

Atlanta, Georgia USA


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By Sam Lala