Disney-ABC Complaint


Aren’t you the holier then thou organization… You fire a man for an offensive joke he made years ago because a couple of commie republicans told you too… Let me tell you something jerkwads… I have a video blog on facebook… I am about to tear you as new mousehole so big you will fall into the depth of the earth… A bunch of commie loving republicans wanted him fired so like the commie lovers you are.. You do it… Big mistake… Amc learned that when they fired chris hardwick… They got a storm of complaints and petitions that included writers james patterson, stephen king actress amy aquino and others… By the time I am done with disney.. You will regret the day you were all born… First I am going to post pictures of your ceo ‘s and board so they will be harassed in public… Funny and this comes from a company that’s founder hated jews… Typical… By the time I am done with you… The next three generations of your families will feel the wrath of the people.. The people that pay good money to see your movies…in the words of sherlock holmes… The game is now afoot… Now crawl back up trumps unwiped ass from whenece you all crawled out of

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