Dirk Zwiep


An Egoistic Fraud
Dirk Zwiep is an egoistic who doesn’t listen to his clients. My experience with Dirk was terrible. He would always talk rudely and in a very indecent manner.
Dirk Zwiep has built a fake reputation online and is nowhere nearly the guy he claims to be. He never comes to meetings on the designated time and makes up excuses. I have worked with many professionals in my life, but I had never seen such a terrible one before. 
The Dirk Zwiep Iím Talking About:
Itís essential that I clarify who this Dirk Iím talking about. He is an Advisor, CIO and Partner at CapTrust Financial Advisors. He has been their consulting director since 1999 and has a CIMA certification, which stands for Certified Investment Management Analyst. Dirk is a prominent figure in the industry and especially in my area. Thatís why I sought his services. I didnít think he would be a terrible advisor. 

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Dirk Zwiep

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By Sam Lala