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Commercial on TV 1-800-436-2031 sells a hard boiled egg peeler called Eggstractor for $14.99. “But wait, call now and get a second Eggstractor just pay separate processing fee.” i ordered online and just wanted ONE, didn’t want the second one for the separate processing fee. Unbeknownst to me until I got the confirmation email, they are shipping me TWO and the total price is $30.97. They said they are only sold in pairs. THE P&H is MORE than the product itself. I think this is False Advertising. I ordered this on a Sunday, called when I got the email to advise of wrong orderr. They were closed so I immediately sent an email to cancel the order. On Monday, 2/22 I called and they said order could not be cancelled because it was already shipped And they are ONLY sold in pairs. I got a email on Wednesday, saying the order was shipped on 2/25 and if I returned it, the refund would not include the $15.98 shipping (again, more than the product itself). .

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Digital Target Marketing Review

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By Sam Lala