Dennis Oswalt – Wandering Bear Masonry Review


Signed a contract to have him build a small home (777 sq ft). He stated in the contract that it would be complete. He did alot of work on the house and got a majority of it complete but he kept asking for additional money for helpers as he couldn’t do it by himself. Sent him on an errand to pick up building materials in Nebraska and gave him the money to pick them up. He put the items in his name and when he returned to the area, he would not give them to me. Spent about $2000 less than what I gave him. While I was on vacation, he took my tractor off of my property and used it to make money at another location. He tipped it over on its side and did $10,000 damage to the cab of the tractor and about $12,000 damage to the tractor itself. I had to take it to the dealer to have it checked over. He only fixed the door that was broke and the light that came off when the tractor tipped over. All in all, the guy ripped me off and the only good place for him to be is in jai

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Dennis Oswalt – Wandering Bear Masonry Review

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By Sam Lala