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Recently I was approached by a sales rep from Deja Vu cosmetics. The ploy was to try a sample. My first mistake was to accept the sample. Very quickly I was seated at the counter told I had great skin, but it could be better. I had no chance to reply–various types of make up were being applied. This encounter continued, while the sales reps stayed very close by my side. I felt trapped. Only once was I told the price of one product. Never was I given a guarantee that the products would do what was being stated to me. I was not told that the products were nonrefundable. I finally bought the cosmetics just to get away. | While driving home, my eyes became irritated from the eye product that had been applied. The product that was to firm my neck was ineffective. I tried to return the products 2 days later and was told that it was exchange only. Even though the products were intact–unopened. I have been unsuccessful in getting a response from the company. My g

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Deja Vu Cosmetics

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By Sam Lala