Daulton Point Construction, LLC Review


I hired Mike Moore of Daulton Point to build a pool in May 2017. I found out later that he had started work without getting the city permit, lied about city inspections to collect money, which he forced me to pay under his personal name instead of his company name. | He then abandoned my project (30% completed with excavation, forming, steel and plumbing) even though he collected 80% of the cost. | He had collected enough money from me to continue my project, but apparently diverted the funds to pay some of his unrelated debts, which is illegal. He should have kept the money he collected from me in a construction account for just my project. | I have now had a hole in my backyard for 5 months and will need to hire another pool company to finish the work. | It appears he has been writing a lot of hot checks because my neighbors, who also hired him, had lots of unpaid sub-contractors show up and demand to be paid. | He has ignored several letters of demands.

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