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The internet has helped many people in building successful businesses and increasing their income. But it has also helped scammers in reaching more people. As the market has too many people claiming to help you ‘get rich’, it gets hard to distinguish, which one is legit. One such marketer that has entered the spotlight is Dan Lok. He is a liar, a scammer and everything else which constitutes a FRAUD. He lies with confidence and he lies so many times that one might begin to wonder if he ever tells the truth.
How do I know that he’s a liar?
I made the foolish mistake of buying one of his courses. He is a retarded baboon who doesn’t have an idea of how to even market his brand. He has recently entered the market. Like Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez, he also wants to make a name for himself.
What he doesn’t realize is the fact that people can see if you’re a liar or not. Repeating a lie hundreds of times doesn’t change the truth. People can see who is legit and who is not. I a

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Dan Lok Review

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By Sam Lala