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The internet has helped many people in building successful businesses and increasing their income. But it has also helped scammers in reaching more people. As the market has too many people claiming to help you ‘get rich’, it gets hard to distinguish, which one is legit. One such marketer that has entered the spotlight is Dan Lok. He is a liar, a scammer and everything else which constitutes a FRAUD. He lies with confidence and he lies so many times that one might begin to wonder if he ever tells the truth.

How do I know that he’s a liar?

I made the foolish mistake of buying one of his courses. He is a retarded baboon who doesn’t have an idea of how to even market his brand. He has recently entered the market. Like Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez, he also wants to make a name for himself.
What he doesn’t realize is the fact that people can see if you’re a liar or not. Repeating a lie hundreds of times doesn’t change the truth. People can see who is legit and who is not. I am telling you, Dan Lok is a scam. Not only me, but numerous other people also think that they wasted their money on buying this guy’s worthless courses. I made the mistake of getting his books because I didn’t know if he was legit or not. At that time, Dan Lok wasn’t that popular. And you don’t expect to get a ton of trash packaged in a book.

Taking Dan Lok’s course was just like reading the views of an 8-year old. He doesn’t know when to stop and he doesn’t know what to say.

I am urging you to stay away from this scammer because he doesn’t have just one scheme to steal your money. No, he has many ways to get money out of your pocket, so he can shoot videos of himself driving luxurious cars and talking about sales. If Dan Lok really had any idea of sales, he wouldn’t be selling trash-packed books.

He claims to be a copywriter before becoming a marketer. Ask a professional copywriter how his website’s copy is, and you’ll get to see how good a copywriter Dan really is. This guy has taken money from thousands of people in the name of financial coaching and personal development. The value those guys received is null. I am one of those guys too and I hate this fact. Dan Lok is nothing but a self-centred, idiotic scammer who keeps lying to everyone else.

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By Sam Lala