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Time – line of events leading to the official quitting My name is ben and i was a fromer employee turned franchise owner with coverall of hawaii. 1999 – in april i was hired as a nite cleaner for ko & ko innovators who were the regional directors of coverall here in hawaii at that time. I worked @ sites such as 24 hour fitness, chilli”s restaurant and hard rock cafe. Now these accounts were high paying customers to coverall so mr. Ko wanted to make them happy at all times. These accounts were for sale but mr. Ko could not find a franchise owner that would be able to keep the accounts within coveralls hands. Thats where i come in and a few others, we are the helpers to the regionals when they are close to losing the accounts because the took it away from more than 3 other franchisees who could not keep p the cleaning concept of coverall. Mr. Ko over a period of 5 months he would always ask me about buying in with nothing down and that he would finance me complet

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Coverall Review

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By Sam Lala