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There seems to be a lot of posts about Jeff Randol at Consumer Education Outreach on this site. I should have done my home work before doing business with him. I own a small mortgage company and we purchased leads from Jeff and his team over at Consumer Education Outreach. About a month after we started dialing the leads we purchased from CEO, we noticed a pattern in the data. None of the leads he sent us even qualified for a mortgage and several of the customers had asked Jeff Randol to add them to his do not call list. Not only did this waste a significant amount of time and resources for our loan officers, it also resulted in a Lawsuit. Consumer Education Outreach is going to be named in the lawsuit. As a small business owner I feel an obligation to work with and support other small businesses. In this case it was a big mistake that may result in the closing of my business due to exorbitant legal fees associated with this pending lawsuit. My attorney informed me that Jeff

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Consumer Education Info Review

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By Sam Lala