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I’m not one to usually write reviews. As a Marketing Director, I know the hassles that come from seeing someone trash your business reputation on the internet. With that in mind, the experience that my wife and her mother had at this dealership absolutely deserves to be known. My wife and I purchased a used Honda Civic (Not from this dealership, which is probably why Coggin DeLand Honda decided it was necessary to rip us off in the first place), and her mother who has always taken her Honda insisted that we let her take the car to this dealership for an oil change and to “look over” the car to make sure it was sound. Well that’s where the issues started. First of all, they threw four new tires on the car at a rate of $119 each when i had already priced them from my tire guy (yep the same exact tires) for $70 each. Then they some how just knew without taking anything apart that the timing belt and everything it touches needed replaced. So, instead of giving an estimate and suggesting to them that it needed done… or even explaining why they felt the need to tear the engine apart to check that in the first place… THEY REPLACED IT ALL….. no permission given, just went ahead and did it. They supposedly performed an alignment (this is the one and only thing other than an oil change they were authorized to do), but it wasn’t done…. i know this because it still pulls to the right… and MY TIRE GUY said there was no way they did it based on his machine (the same equipment Honda Uses)… My wife and her mother waited literally from 10am until 6:30 pm while they tinkered, and toyed, and did whatever else they could milk out of my Mother in Law. They saw her coming a mile away, and probably have been doing the same thing to her for years! Finally, after it was all said and done, a simple oil change and alignment which should have been quick and easy, came out to the tune of $2300. The worst part, is that they missed the fact that the struts need to be replaced, and neglected to fix the cracked CV Axle….. THINGS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIXED (but only after an estimate and permission was given)…..This dealership is NOT TO BE TRUSTED! They will rip you off, perform unauthorized (and probably unnecessary) work to milk you for everything you have. ESPECIALLY if you didn’t give them your money by purchasing a car from them…. Please for the sake of yourself and your loved ones, DO NOT USE THIS DEALERSHIP. I am writing to the BBB about this and will take every action i can to make sure that this does NOT happen to someone else. .

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