Coaster Fine Furniture Complaint


Coaster Furniture does not care who represents them as dealers. In fact they told me that as long as a dealer does volume business they do not care how they are represented by their Dealers. Coaster will not accept any responsibility for their products. The order I received was wrong as well as being delivered defective.The dealer was Thom”s Furniture who can be found on Ebay. The owner of which could not even get the order right as well as having no idea of customer service or customer satisfaction. If you want to get what you paid for or need any customer relations or customer satisfaction do not look here . You will not be treated with respect or honesty. Coaster Furniture is not for you. This goes equally or even more for Thom”s Furniture. In fact, both Coaster and Thom”s really deserve each other as they are cast of the same mold. I would respectfully request that any potential customer of Coaster Furniture say far away, as that would be in your best interests.

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